5 Strategies To Help Your Adult Child

Transition to Full Independence

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Failure to Launch is a thing....

What do we do when our children do not develop character traits like independence, self-direction, honesty, self-control, kindness, and cooperation?

Is it based on your child's ability to gain independence by a certain age? Is it based on your child's behavior? And when you get it wrong, whom do you blame? I am trying to point out that Parenting is hard, and most of us struggle to get it right through trial and error.

What You Willl Learn:

Recognize Developmental Milestones

Learn how to recognize whether your adult child has reached fundamental developmental milestones, ensuring they are well-prepared to face life's challenges.

Ignite Motivation for Independence

Uncover the impact of your parenting habits on your child's motivation to embrace independence. Empower them with the drive to excel on their unique journey.

Master Active Listening

Master the art of open communication by giving your young adults a voice. Learn to listen actively and create an environment that encourages self-expression.

Foster Personal Growth

Understand the importance of personal counseling and support for both you and your young adults. Foster an environment of growth and self-awareness.

Terri Brinston

Parenting can be quite challenging. I have two boys myself, and I remember feeling overwhelmed when I brought my first child home from the hospital. I realized that taking care of this little bundle of joy was not going to be a cakewalk, and I had no instruction manual to guide me.

As I went along, I soon discovered that parenting is a process of trial and error. This became even more apparent when my second son was born. I had to start afresh because the same tricks that worked on my first child didn't work on him.

New parents are often clueless about parenting, and it's common to make mistakes. Unfortunately, society can be very critical of these mistakes, based on its definition of good parenting. But the question is, what exactly is good parenting?

What They Say

"The greatest takeaway I received from this program is gaining control over my voice of reason. I struggled with confidence and carried self-limiting beliefs, constantly plagued by negative thoughts. This program opened my eyes to the possibility of being extraordinary. It has truly shifted the way I approach life. The newfound confidence I gained has transcended into every facet of my life. I now believe in myself and my potential. This has undeniably changed my life."


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